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New Horizons Community Charter School- • Student Uniform Policy:
  • To help create an environment conducive to learning, students at New Horizons Community Charter School are required to wear uniforms. This policy is designed to permit students to focus their attentions on academics and on those aspects of their personalities that are truly important.
  • The school uniform consists of the following:
    • Pants
    • Boys are required to wear navy pants, and girls may wear navy long pants, knee length pleated skirts, skorts, or jumpers. Floor-length skirts and baggy or wide-legged pants are not permitted. Cargo pants or any pants with outer pockets, Denim and Corduroy are not allowed.
    • Shirts
    • Both girls and boys wear white oxford shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve. Girls: Kindergarten-Grade Two wear Peter-Pan Collar Shirt. Girls: Grade Three-Grade Six wear Oxford collar shirts. Mock turtlenecks and any stripes, logos or designs on the shirts are not permitted. Shirts must be tucked in and clean.
    • Shoes
    • Except during physical education class, students are required to wear black closed-toe shoes without logos or stripes. Athletic shoes may be worn during physical education class only. High-heeled shoes and open-toe sandals are not permitted.
    • Socks and Belts
    • Students may wear navy crew, ribbed, or knee-high socks without stripes or logos. Students must wear black belts, which match the color of their shoes. Belts may not have any design or color other than black.
  • FlynnO’Hara

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