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New Horizons Community Charter School- Student Intervention & Support Services:
Responsibility of I&RS:

The I&RS is a general education initiative rather than a special education program.  It is primarily intended to be used to assist general education staff to help expand their skills and abilities to successfully accommodate the needs of general education students who are at risk for school failure.

The I&RS Team Process:

Phase 1: Request for Assistance
Phase 2: Information Collection
Phase 3: Parent/Guardian Notification
Phase 4: Problem Solve
Phase 5: Develop I&RS Action Plan
Phase 6: Support, Evaluate and Continue the Process

The overall I&RS process begins when a staff member or parent concludes that he or she needs assistance with a learning, behavior or health problem encountered in the general education program.

The involvement of the I&RS team only begins when a staff member completes and delivers the appropriate request for assistance form to the designated location

The team leader reviews the request for assistance form to make sure it is appropriate and manageable for the I&RS team. Forms that are incomplete or include inappropriate information (i.e., subjective remarks, labels, diagnoses, judgments, generalizations, implied or non-observable behaviors) are returned to the requestor to be either completed or revised. Supportive instructions for making the required changes should be provided in either verbal or written form.

The team leader assigns an I&RS team member to be the case coordinator, based upon a predetermined rotating selection method. All team members serve their turns as case coordinator. The case coordinator’s role is not to mentor the student, but to facilitate the I&RS process, support the requestor and manage the paperwork for the case. The official I&RS case file, which is separate from, but part of the student’s cumulative file, is opened upon assignment of the case coordinator. The file is stored in a locked file cabinet.

NHCCS I&RS request for Assistance Form
NJ DOE Resources for Intervention and Referral Services
I&RS Contact Information:
I&RS Coordinator: Ms. Yashmine Cooper